I am Humbled

Brendan Woodward

I knew going into this race that I could be certain of one thing: a humbling experience. While we accomplished our mission to give the voters a clear choice with a positive message, we got thumped at the polls 43/57.

Thank you

Despite our loss, I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate everyone’s support. To all of the friends who helped me kickoff this race, and to all of the supporters who shared our vision for a civil, issue oriented campaign I thank you! Your generous and principled support has been an inspiration to me and testimony to the quality of people that make up our party.

I commend my opponent, Larry Springer, for his genuine commitment to civil discourse and public service. I will personally extend my concession and congratulations.

We lost, but out ideas won

There is public service in both defeat and victory. That is the lesson that I have learned from this experience.
It was not a bad election year to be a Republican. Around the country, voters have spoken out in favor of fiscal responsibility and new leadership. In our own District we have re-elected Andy Hill — a champion for education and responsible government in Washington State. The Bi-partisan coalition in the State Senate that he helps lead remains an example of representative democracy despite millions of dollars spent to break it up.
Going forward, it is my intention to remain engaged in our community. I will continue to serve in the US Marine Reserves, build my business and enjoy living in what is without a doubt the most beautiful state in the best country on Earth.
Brendan Woodward

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