I am happy to respond to these questions for CAPR. They have been an important organization for protecting the rights of rural land owners in the 45th District. — Brendan

Why are you running and what are your major campaign issues? 

I am running to represent the interests of the Eastside. Our district has different needs than Seattle, but the current State House representatives are not an independent voice for us, they just follow their leader, Frank Chopp.


Do you believe that private property is protected by the Constitution?

Yes, but more specifically it is implied and assumed in all of our founding documents, especially the Declaration of Independence.


Regulations and restrictions have severely impacted many private property owners. Will you carefully consider this effect when voting?



Have you ever attempted to gain a building permit for anything? Where? What year?

Yes, the project is in Snohomish County for the conversion of a pole barn to a workshop in
spring of this year (2014).

Essentially the project is putting new walls and a floor on an existing agriculture building. The project includes no plumbing, no living space and no significant changes to the site, but it cost several thousand dollars in mapping, surveying, fees, plans and three months of reviews, rescheduling, and presentations to get through the planning office. I will reserve my feelings regarding that experience for off the record; suffice to say it confirmed many worse stories I have heard from other citizens.



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