The Family Policy Institute of Washington is an organization protecting religious freedom and the rights of parents in our State.  It was my pleasure to answer these questions for their members. — Brendan

FPIW: “Do you support or oppose exploration and development of domestic sources of energy including oil and natural gas?”

Brendan Woodward: “Support. Expanding our natural gas production and other domestic energy sources will improve our economy, and help us become independent of foreign entanglements.  Washington ports are a key pieces of the nation’s infrastructure for importing and exporting American energy and I am in favor of expanding these to facilitate our country’s path to energy independence.”


FPIW: “Do you support or oppose requiring a 2/3 vote in both houses of Washington Legislature for tax increases?”

Brendan Woodward: “Support. I, as well as the vast majority of voters in Washington support this. My opponent does not.


FPIW: “Do you support or oppose allowing all parents to use tax credits, vouchers, or education savings accounts to enable children to attend any public, charter, private, homeschool, or online academy?”

Brendan Woodward: “Support. I am pro-choice when it comes to schools.   From my own experience as a student homeschooling, I realize that the right fit is extremely important.  Each child is different, and many will benefit far more from a non-traditional learning atmosphere. They should have the right to be where they fit best.”


FPIW: “Do you support or oppose granting the Department of Early Learning the authority to oversee programs and education for children from birth to age three?”

Brendan Woodward: “Oppose. This is critical developmental time for children to be in a family and cared for by their parents and community.”


FPIW: “Family Do you support or oppose legislation allowing contracts for surrogacy services?”

Brendan Woodward: “Opposed. People are not a product and never become one. Adoption is a redemptive way to connect potential parents with children, but contract surrogacy services make children and mothers into a commodity that is inconsistent with my values, and our nations.”