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Brendan Woodward for State House

The Eastside is my home and I care about protecting our future here.

Thirty years ago I was born at Evergreen Hospital in the heart of the 45th district.  I grew up playing games at the Woodinville baseball complex and 60 Acres. There was a time when I knew where to find all the frogs and fish in Cottage Lake, as well as the best black berry patches for late summer picking.

I attended Wheaton College in Illinois and returned to Seattle to start a successful small business.  Ever since college though I had a gnawing desire to serve my country in a new and active way.

After thorough preparation, I received an age waiver to attend Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as a reserve officer just before my 29th birthday.

When Senator Andy Hill asked me to run in this election, I knew it was time to settle down and invest in a new way for our community. I moved back to my home precinct in order to serve the community that I call home.  It is an honor to be an active part of our democratic system now.

I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to allow a new generation to serve in Olympia.

There are many issues that I care about and want to share with you.  Please visit my issues page to read more about them.


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Feel free to use these images wherever needed.- Brendan

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